Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Blue Plate Special

colourful kids meal made up to look like face flooded road street sign funny failTraditionally, the Blue Plate Special was a 'Square meal for a dime' - meat and three veg on a blue plate, possibly split into compartments, different every day and the staple cheap option of the American diner culture this last century or so. But mine is a light lunch suitable for those doing forward rolls, with fruit, biscuits, quiche and a blunt rolled-up ham slice.
At school today the teacher found an unclaimed tooth (the whole tooth etc) behind her desk. I suppose it could have been wedged down the corner of the carpet for 5 years, or some dimwit could have lost it last week but forgotten, although it's a molar so you think someone'd remember. I guess the only way to determine ownership is some black magic, or a little light cloning.
On the way back from Gym I tried one of Dear Follower Fiona's Tunisian Café-crème sweeties. It took me 13 minutes, a long slow satisfying suck.

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