Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Shaking that Moneymaker

plane crash funny cartoon please fasten your seatbeltsAmazingly, Jof was there at school pickup time due to a time-off-in-the-loo day for working Saturday, but she couldn't keep up with me on my scooter.
The main job I wanted to do was plan for my Scout sleepover. I like lists and confidently insisted I knew exactly what I wanted to take with me, which was my sleeping bag. Once my list had run out, I drew a blank. But the free handout helped a little with unexpected items like toothbrush, pyjamas, torch and the like.
kid carrying equipment prepared for cub scout sleepover campI gathered everything together and just to see what it would look like, I put it all on. Goodness me, there was a lot! I wouldn't like to be the poor victim that has to carry that lot around.
When it became obvious that Dilly (ex-pupil at my old school and gymnastics co-tumbler) wasn't coming round we bought a foam football in the post office (where else?) and met Max W in the park for some Nuclear Sniper Machine Gun which is where you get a stick and run around doing countdowns to when your grenade will go off. It's easy for us chaps to know exactly what's going on, but for any of those dimwit adult onlookers, it's a directionless hotch-potch of running, yargling and making boom noises.

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