Thursday, 1 May 2014

Couldn't organise a weewee in a Brewery

god killed birds weather related funny religious nutter failToday we watched a film about Egyptians in which some gods made the sea go up in the air and chariots got caught in it and drowned. But it was so long we all got crampy legs and stiff little fingers.
Thursday is running around in the park day, so well-timed. The JBs needed to come to ours first which is fine, because they loved seeing how well the Lego football stadium (that they started) has turned out, and we started to populate the stands with Lego minifigures. They both have tennis medals and Johnny is covered in abrasions from when he was running and fell over a mysterious 'Bobstacle'.
black and white lego bricks to make football stadiumJust when we'd got a decent supporter production line going and Bob had his Police security plane ready, we left for the park, even though it was raining. We played a bit but the rain was just too much when there was Lego to do so Ben caught up to us just as we were leaving and we all got back to my room and started building.
boys bedroom with star wars and lego movie postersThen the other Mummies said it's not fair on Jof who was off work with a big headache so they dragged us right back out again to go to Ben's and see his Guinea pigs! In, out, in, out, shake it all about. As we left, the sun came out. FML.
At Ben's we played Minecraft for hours and messed generally, I learned hoeing and building-protection, handy to have co-conspirators that play the same game. When I was finally retrieved, I had a headache, stopped half way through supper to vomit copiously and was in the shower on the way to bed when I declared myself hungry.
I finished my fishcakes and even got Masterchef sofatime, 2 invalids together.

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