Friday, 16 May 2014

A Night at the Museum

mini tractor redneck specialAt last! I've been waiting for this day like a lovelorn teenager by the telephone ie 36 years out of date.
I raced out of school and straight to the hairdressers for a Grade 1 shave. She said I was sweaty and we discussed road rage when a man outside shouted at his dog for not crossing the road with him. I totally dropped Jof in it by saying she's the one who does the car-shouting.
At home I showered because I won't get one tonight unless I fall in the sea and I'm often itchy after a haircut. I dressed in cub uniform because then I can never be wrong.
Anyway. Ben arrived and we said let's play Lego upstairs but we don't understand the passage of time so we had to drive directly do not pass go to Gunwharf and park the car in the underground concrete car park which may in fact be below sea level.
We were first into the BowlaramaMegaPlex and spent some time looking at the girlies and then everybody else arrived and we got down and bowled it. When the Party Dudes arrived I handed over the presents (My spelling of 'Finley' was FINALLY but Ben spelt it FINLY so I guess it's up to him to know who he is).
bowling alley party portsmouthI can't be sure about stuff because there are conflicting views on maturity and so forth but we may or may not have been more efficient skittlers than 3 years ago. There was running around, arguments, sulks, passive-aggressiveness, and all the usual stuff, but without girls.
Bud found the special lo-lo-lo-weight 6 kg bowling ball for me and all of a sudden I was away (fairies not confirmed) and I came 3rd. Naughty Oakley abstained and Finlay took his bowls and all was good. Eventually the food arrived (with fizzy drinks that I do not like) and we hogged and played Assault-and-Pepper course around the 18-and-over bar area and then we had to get changed!
We had most of our Scouting uniform ready but by the time I'd been forced to say goodbye to Jof and route-marched across the Hard (embarkation point for press-gangs these last 500 years) the world of Scouts surrounded us and we advanced by Squadron and Regiment through the Herculean Gates and we were off.
ME: Film night, Laser-quest, who knows, for I didn't.
kids at skittle alleyTHEM: civilised dinner al fresco at great expense without responsibility for little people.
Basically, untold luxury for everyone.
There were 16 scout packs there, 125 people in all. The film was "A night at the museum", purely by coincidence, honest. We made edible medals which were basically biscuits with icing sugar on, I made a medal sandwich. And we made a recruitment poster for Join The Royal Navy, because military brainwashing doesn't count in the under 10s.
In Laserquest I came 13th but Ben was on another team. Lights out was at 1145, I got to sleep at 1, Ben a couple of hours later. We might be tired tomorrow.

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