Monday, 19 May 2014

Ducks, Beavers and other animals

japanese engrish product funny name fail It was baking hot on leaving school, but by the time I'd tried to renegotiate Minecraft time and had to do some homework, I just couldn't be bothered to go to the park, an opportunity missed there.
One of our current projects is a bathroom rebuild so we visited Bathstore around the corner. This is the mens' bathroom so we asked for the sturdiest shower cubicle and he showed us one with double slidey doors that meet and clamp magnetically, which was very exciting for me.
sanitaryware display shower mixer tapsBut then the one next to it was extra-long, for those extra-luxurious showers after bike rides etc. But then will it fit in the room? So many questions. I took off my shoes and got into a bath to consider my options.
Then I saw the first duck. This yellow chap sits above the salesmen out of reach. This is effectively a light industrial unit with a massive selection of showers and toilets and radiators and baths, some not even nailed down.
But behind the gaudy façade, it's breezeblocks and air conditioning pipes. And this is where I saw the first duck. Pretty soon, Bud saw 2 more on speakers and this piqued my curiosity. It's to distract the kids when they're playing up, said the salesman. We've hidden an unknown quantity around the brightly lit displays, and everywhere else. So the challenge is to find them all.
milton 5th portsmouth scout group meeting in st james church hallI located about 10 but they said there were three times that number, and they gave me 2 free blue ones. Bud said you don't really play with ducks in the bath any more, plus we're buying a shower although you did insist on a duck when we came here 5 years ago. So I challenged the kids of future generations by re-hiding the 2 ducks myself.
At Scouts today several were missing due to tiredness. We discussed balancing the books, I helped promote some Beavers in the good old river crossing ceremony and we lost some Cubs to the Scout troupe. Or is it troop. Instead of crossing a river they bounced the length of the church hall on a space hopper, and through a flag. This is not the official sanctioned Scout Promotion ceremony, but one made up by a parent.
Anyway, all was good until bedtime. I came downstairs at 930 looking for my Minecraft book to read, he said no chance, get a storybook or factual one, not Minecraft, bedtime was 30 minutes ago. So when I knew he was in the shower, I snuck downstairs quietly and retrieved it. When he checked on me après-shower, he said what have you been doing all this time (for there were some quick shuffled movements) and I said reading Horrid Henry, sir, look, there it is. Then he whipped out the Minecraft book from where I'd hidden it under said Horrid Henry and he said not only shall I not buy you the other one I promised, this one is going to the charity shop tomorrow. Double jeopardy - deliberately disobeying a direct order and lying about it. Loss of book, loss of privileges, kept the testicles (this time).

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