Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sheer Heart Attack: the Toilet Game

funny shop sign order at outside mallBen had 2 hamsters, but a black cat with white bits got into the house and scared one of them (Coco) to death. I didn't know hamsters could have cat-induced cardiac arrest. Apparently the cat returned the following night to try and 'fluence the other one but Ben chased it and threw a rock at it. I declared that I would stab it but Bud says even if you do, don't ever tell anyone because some humans object, and to mostly stick to bogwashing them if you're lucky enough to capture one.
I showed off my French booty in school and the favourite item was the Eiffel Tower keyring even though I was wearing a hat with a nuclear sub on it. I got 2 'Big' points for it, towards my house-point total.
toilet game in the park, schoolkids playingIt was Thursday Park so we raced down and met a full park with many familiar faces but no PuddleFriends at all. Eventually I fell in with some from my old school and we played stick weapons and I played with Rosie in the bushes until Bud trod on a dog poo and got angry.
Later I joined 6 (six) girlies on the turning wheel and we played the toilet game, where anyone who falls in the middle has fallen down the toilet, much like Hot Lava but more aromatic. The girl on the left is Coco but I don't think it's a case of reincarnation. There was also some Tag-Infinite where the tagger is always "it" however many people he tags, and some inappropriate bottom-smacking, I've heard of child abuse and yes, these children are very abusive.

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