Monday, 5 May 2014

The Community May Fayre (again)

st marys church fratton may fayre He woke me up at 10 and I went back to watching True Lies with breakfast, as you do.
But later we walked to St Mary's church in Fratton for our annual fayre-fest. It was pretty much the same as last year so we grabbed Johnny and Bobert and did the 'Jungle Fever' truck of confusion. Every year we're told to stay on there for ages to justify the £2.50 entrance fee and every year we run up and down it for 2 minutes and emerge, blinking, into the sunlight. A man with a beatifically spaced-out expression handed me a leaflet about jesus.
children salutingBen and Emile and Erin joined us and we waited an eternity for the highlight of our trip - the commando laser battle. We all promised faithfully that we'd act as a team and only shoot strangers and true to form, 3 seconds later we ganged up on Erin as part of a free-for-all shooting frenzy.
st marys church fratton road portsmouth playing game of soldiersIt never lasts as long as the advertised 10 minutes so we then pestered the parents for £3 to play the hook-a-duck game. This gives you the opportunity to 'win' a cheap plastic weapon, just like the ones we've been throwing away for years. Erin and I got the rattly rifle and we all adjourned to the empty space opposite (where we witnessed a pagan wedding last year) and continued the commando battle in the bushes.
Things I missed: Morris dancing, 3 bags of Lego being bought for me, the model trains which were inexplicably missing this year, and my own score in the infantry firefight.
But 4 hours of beer tent were not enough for the doughty parents so we walked to the Rose in June pub to continue our already extended wargaming, and made new bases in the beer garden.
I got home at exactly the same time as Jof.

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