Friday, 2 May 2014

Still got the Blues for you

fall backwards i'll catch you trust exercise boy falls off ladder funny"Blue Day" is a local charity event in which we wear blue clothes to school instead of school uniform for a £1 donation to a cancer trust fund. It made us all a bit more colourful.
henry turbo vacuum cleaner in boiler roomPoor Jof was off work with a 4-day headache which meant she was cheekily occupying my sofa and then the builder came to talk about the new bathroom.
The whole shower thing needs totally destroying and rebuilding into a whoppo-deluge fit for the king I am, and then we can have all the luxuries like little shelves in the boiler room for the lightbulbs and batteries and stuff, instead of keeping them in the garage. And a roof that doesn't leak. And a floor that you can't pick up. The bit with the Henry Hoover and stripy carpet is fake. It's actually a foot-deep hole into concreted nothingness, but the builders put in a false floor so I wouldn't fall down it. The tiles in the toilet bit aren't exactly glued down, so as you walk through, the pretend floor sags under your weight and the tiles rock'n'roll.

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