Monday, 26 May 2014

What the Butler saw

bathstore fratton shower unit display Yesterday we were supposed to buy a bathroom, but went on a bike ride instead, because we'd seen the weather forecast.
Thus today, I cleaned out the car for pocket money and we drove to the bathroom shop in the rain. We ended up buying practically everything we'd already decided on, but felt Jof had to make some sort of contribution so took her along to validate our choices.
Once we'd done the easy bit, we left Bud to pay and we walked about 40 yards to the tile shop. It didn't take me too long to decide what tiles to get and hey presto, we'd spent £2,000 in about 12 minutes.
topps tiles fratton way portsmouthRight by our house is the little row of very nice houses that were too much money for us when we were buying. 2 of them have just been sold and one had a hand-written sign outside saying house contents sale. If only to have a nose around the house (let's have a look at what you could have won), we nipped along and sized up what remained unsold. I think we should have gone earlier. I wandered off to check out the upstairs rooms, which were not on the for sale list.
The lady of the house recognised Jof and said she knows ErinsDad which is nice. We bought a set of 4 wineglasses called "Duckstein - Rotblondes Oberbrau" (auf Buchenholz gereift) which will do well for PuddleParties and Jof wanted the dining table but Bud said no, we already have 2.
This is when he saw the massive Butler sink at the bottom of the garden, being used as a plant pot. £5 later, he wheeled it around to our yard on an old sack trolley and we now have a much more interesting place to grow our rosemary and apple tree seedlings.
Later I watched Toy Story of Horror and then we started the next giant Lego project. The rollercoaster just wasn't going to happen because Lego doesn't do curves and slopes easily, so I have modified the plans into a railway bridge with tunnel under the Eagle's Nest with FuhrerBunker and everything. It was going to be the Florida Keys bridge from "True Lies" (because I have a Harrier jump-jet) but sometimes you just have to have a mountain.

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