Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nuclear Button Mushroom Cloud

creative oriental crafts kingdom shop name funny fail cockI was called upon to demonstrate the Egyptian Cardboard Sarcophagus today. I emptied out the contents (pulling the brain out of the nose) and crouched in it with the lid on. The teacher said we can put him in the attic now, but I heard her and emerged making Mummy noises (Grr, not Ooo my little sweetie).
After work, Dilly came round to play Lego. She may be a girl (and a particularly pink one) but she's into cars and Lego so we got busy with a double-ended Police boat and I made the wheelhouse and jail while she did everything else.
She didn't get long due to other jobs, but at least she knows where we are now and might come back.
In the laundrette I weighed myself; I am 66kg, still quite small. Then it seems Bud was linen-ly over-enthusiastic, washed too many beds and had to make an emergency trip out to buy a sheet. O sheet.

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