Sunday, 18 May 2014

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Bump

homebase shower cubicle display unit sliding doorsToday I got up late, it's been a busy couple of days. I had an early shower and we did one of those supermarket trips "Small shop only, hardly need anything at all" that somehow cost £200.
But we lashed out a massive £5 on having some ethnically indeterminate workers clean the car while we checked out the shower stall selection. There was a selection of 1, so I got in and declared it to be good. I like the double doors, and am looking forward to the Monster Deluge I've been promised when the downstairs shower room is refurbished.
moorings way path sea defences by milton commonAnd while we were there, I selected an olive tree and we were mightily tempted by the bottlebrush trees, but thought we should wait until we have a garden.
Our bikes were still at Bens' place so I collected mine and Jof went off on her own private bike ride to get used to the rigours of modern traffic, and where nobody would laugh at her if she got lost again.
milton common nature reserve national cycle path 222I had better ideas and we cycled to Tunnel Park, and along to Eastney lock where we rode up the coast path and I found my goldmine. Ben and I have been coming to this giant slab of concrete for years and digging away at the sea defences in the hope of discovering some long-lost artwork. I found some fragments of glazed and patterned tile and we hid them under the other flat rock, which is our vault.
From there I wore myself out riding through the bumpy paths. At every junction I basically did eeny-meeny and chose a route, so we zig-zagged all over the place. This triangle of reclaimed land is riddled with paths, apple trees, damson, elderflower and super-long grass. It was in grass of this height that Bud first contracted hay fever, at exactly my current age. But I sniffed at its polleny nastiness and took him to Yellow Plum Park where I relived the mindless excesses of my youth (ie yesterday) and we improved the barricade and went home so I could do homework and Minecraft.

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