Friday, 9 May 2014

Walking on the Sunny side of the Street

unsafe environment safety at work funny fail catastrophic destructionI jumped for joy at school pick-up time for I knew it's the weekend! I just don't know what's in store yet. Something's happening - just not Cheddar Gorge.
Although I know the importance of guitar practice, homework and getting changed for swimming, I insisted on finishing the episode of Masterchef from last night. I continued with MineKraft - did you know that Danish officials have created their entire country inside Minecraft? I have created Lava Hill and my secret entrance is camouflaged in it and the vault is made of indestructible bricks so the lava can't get in and it's full of gold and diamonds and lappers lazooley apparently, these are the important things to Minecrafters. Also, the teacher in my home town that found a 3 foot yellow corn snake in her kitchen cupboard (and adopted it as a pet) is not at my school. I guess I can't be in the news every week.
Forced into bed circa 2200, as if there was a reason to get up tomorrow.

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