Thursday, 22 May 2014

Onwards and Upwards (well, Sideways and Backwards)

charlie put my barbie in his butt and got poop on it funny pencil note poop on his hamsterExcellent news! Not only is it Egyptian day tomorrow, but we get out of wearing school uniform! Erin suggested coming in naked but I think she was joking. I might, though.
There was a lot of 'Electrical Disturbance' but it wasn't a Terminator landing, it was lightning.
yew trees and bay trees in park edgesWe also have a scootability day coming up, where you get a certificate in pavement etiquette, safety control and even a bell! It says scooters will be provided for the Have-nots, but I'm a total Have with my Blue Scooter of Giant Wheels (Blooter).
It was bright sunshine when we got back so I said I'd do Park Thursday without a shirt and we met the usual suspects in a bar on 9th Avenue. OK, in the park.
We did start off with throw-the-bouncy-ball in strange ways with Harry, but then we remembered the climbing trees and played bases and dens when the teenagers weren't in there. There was an epic dogfight which brought all the kids to the yard and Harry had to go home when his kid brother vomited copiously.
tall hedge by milton park bowls club
We feasted on the Jaffa cakes I always bring and we ignored the persistent rain ("I see no drips") until the parents reached saturation levels and I took Ben back to mine for TV - there wasn't enough time for Lego. 17 minutes? Not good enough.

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