Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Gay Circle. Are you in or out?

the gay circle meon school together menu korean engrish fail seafood and welsh onionThe Gay Circle is a yellow-painted ring at the centre of the football pitch in the playground. It's clearly visible on Google Earth, but here's a closer one of this innocent annulus.
I was made aware of the field of terror it generates on my first day and initiated into its mysterious ways. It is the Gay Circle to be avoided in games of tag and so forth, but as yet I don't understand how such a horrible halo can make you 'happy' i.e. gay. Just remember, never shuffle onto this mortal coil.
We had booked Ben to take home today and it was a case of 'Out with the new, and back with the old' today with a retro yet progressive Lego session.
pile of lego underneath tableBut because the ever-popular 'Popsmum' was double-booked, we got a Pops as well. Here is the clash of worlds. With her I play house-making. With him it's Lego and football. I was gender-confused. We all walked home and Ben and I made up exquisite tortures for Poppy at 90 decibels the whole way home however many times we were told to shut up, for we were on a roll. We sang songs about the Gay Circle which apparently has an associated Gay Seat somewhere in the school, it was all made up by the Year 4s and lots of people are getting in trouble for calling each other Gay. I wonder how Pops explained it to her protégé the Portuguese girl who doesn't speak any English: must have been some interesting sign language. I think she was quite relieved when she was allowed to walk home on her own (she is sensible).
After a further hour of Lego in which we made Minecraft scenes, we found the double Emperor-sized mattress downstairs waiting for the delivery truck and bounced on it together until we were pink, than feasted on fruit and sausages, while sitting snuggled up on the sofa. We were very gay, by which I mean happy. And I get him again tomorrow.

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