Thursday, 8 May 2014

Childless ≡ Pointless

shopping mall sign fail funny lifts in chinaOf course the statement 'Childless is identical to Pointless' is purely a personal opinion and not that of the BBC. I'm sure anyone who is not a child can live a fruitful life and contribute to society in many ways.
So today we did our bit for meaningful existence by picking Ben up from football to take him to the park. Because I am being inculcated with the obsession of arriving punctually, we got there early enough to see a huddle and a couple of Ben goals, he doesn't half bang it.
you're doing it wrong standing or twisting the swingOn the road near the park we met Bob as planned and took him with us, the pie-eyed piper now being led astray by 3 little babblers. We did play. We invented a new game where the aggressor makes a pile of woodchips and kicks them at the others and must score at least 2 hits ... I forget why. And there was some swinging and Bobstacle coursing, but without a football, it just wasn't the same so we chose to invade my bedroom and play Lego instead.
Once Bob had left we got a bonus meal of pizza and chicken McNoblets, look at the vitamins on that. Once Ben had gone, there was a lengthy discussion about who gets the best day trips* so I Minecrafted for ages unnoticed. I have made an island entirely out of lava.
* More on this later

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