Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Boltzmann Braaaaaiins (Zombie paradox)

eric clapton cd album cover funny fail engrishWe actually had our lunch outside today, it was so nice. Ben and Finlay and I discussed foods we love or hate, Ben tries out lots of things, I'm scared of new things and Finlay doesn't like tomatoes. But he loves ketchup, and pizza.
We are learning about the Rosetta stone and are making our own canopic jars, to better store our intestines when making the heavenly journey.
character building collectable constructable compatible lagoon creature swamp skimmerWe are also learning about Brazilians; apparently there's a hairstyle but no language per se.
While the Zombie Apocalypse did not happen again, I have prepared a Zombie Diorama for training purposes. It has a packet of green ghoulish goo that I'm not allowed to use and my collection of 10 zombies of various subspecies.
At gymnastics there was bad news when some nasty people had an argument overnight and damaged the long bouncy floor you use for run-ups. Well those were the terms in which the news was couched, possibly to save us from finding out about vandals, drunk teenagers or jealous feral council estate youths, whichever. Well, they put extra locks on the doors.
The Boltzmann Brain is a self-aware entity arising spontaneously out of chaos. The paradox stems from the dichotomy - how likely is it we're here in a organised universe against how likely it is that a Brain will arise out of random fluctuations. I'm not sure whether the Physics Professor or the Zombie is the paradox, but you mustn't go around breaking the laws of thermodynamics.

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