Sunday, 11 May 2014

Nuclear Wessels (and Daffodils)

sluban assembly kit sous-marin nuclear submarine not lego m38 b0391Because of the active day I had yesterday, I didn't feel the need to do anything at all today.
My first yardstone (can't really claim a milestone) was finishing off the nuclear submarine. It is not Lego but fits so a useful addition to my collection.
They did force me to go supermarket shopping, but am I just getting too old to stand in the trolley putting all of the booty on the till belt?
rain on a sunny dayI built more in my Minecraft world: I now have a forest and 2 roller coasters and lots and lots of daffodils. Apparently they're popular, someone has a really famous MineWorld and I wish to emulate him.
I would have sat on the sofa and crafted while Jof read all day if one of our number hadn't suggested the park. We got rained on even though it was sunny and some random 4 year-old stole my football and I played with him instead. It's what Sundays are for.

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