Sunday, 1 June 2014

Makes Friends Easily

picking up lego heroes cheap at car boot saleI really wanted a day off but accepted a gentle bike ride to the seafront because you've got to go outside on a sunny day.
henry the 8ths castle southseaThere was a car boot sale on the common, by the skatepark with the big obstacles. By the time we got there, most of the car boots had been sold but I got 2 Lego Heroes and double-sized burger inna bun because the burger van was offloading stock so she could go home.
outside water play areaWalking and eating is still complex for me but we played hide'n'seek in the sunken garden and found the Castle was open. The roof was open which is rare. There's not really much up there but I looked anyway. The tunnels were cool and deserted.
It was warm enough for the splashpark to be tempting. I wasn't wearing trunks but who cares, certainly not any of the other kids there. I found an empty water bottle, an ace of splashpark currency, and teamed up with diverse random kids to play some kind of attack-chase for hours.
In fact one of them became my friend so much, we arranged to meet up at Canoe Lake and informed his mother of our decision.
Admiring the large motorcycle rally by the D-Day museum, we beat Nikolai to the lake and I scouted out a suitable fishing location. He got the bacon, bucket, crab-line and net, and I ordered him around a lot.
boys catching tiddler fish with netsThe fishing team next to us got lots of crabs but we got zero. However we worked out how to catch the fish: chuck in a hunk of bacon and when it's sunk to the bottom, swipe it back out with the long net.
crab buckets from canoe lake tea shopA decent swipe will yield 2 stones, 1 shell, the bacon, and between 1 and 4 little fish. Our bucket filled up and drew a crowd of admirers.
After 6 hours out of the house, we cycled home and Jof phoned to say where've you been. She had got in an hour and a half before but we'd left the front door chain on so she couldn't get in. These are the trials and tribulations of (leaving by the side gate on the bikes) and being bears of very little brain.
She'd sat on the garden wall for a bit but gone to the Nudist beach to find us and been treated to the sight of some people getting friendly on the beach.

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