Friday, 6 June 2014

Moonshine Myths and Bourbon Legends

parking win outside warehouse car parkLovely hot day in which I was allowed to ride my scooter to work. Scootability is a proficiency test quite similar to the cycling one that has been going for some years (even Jof did it in 1957) and they visited our school today to help us all avoid that going-under-a-bus thing.
At picking-up time Bud rode my old scooter in so we could both scoot back and having tried it, we agreed on the spot to bin it immediately. I have only owned my new blue adult-sized one for 6 months but the old one seems dangerous, rattly, and, well, dangerous. Out with the old.
On such a decent day I demanded to either go metal-detecting or back to the splashpark. As we are currently one detector short without a lifebelt, the splashpark beckoned and with an eye on my other registered activity (swimming) I wore trunks and cycled down there. He issued me with a double-barrelled water pistol from the Puddler Summer Party armoury and I shot all the kids that were there (far fewer than last Sunday).
we're going to need bigger guns shirtless assassin boy pistol gripMeanwhile he miraculously found the antique armaments tent and bought a .50 cal round, a 20mm anti-aircraft round with removable fuse and a 20mm Radway Green casing. We shall return tomorrow for more ammunition antics.
Time passes too quickly and we had to set off home. Of course I kept my trunks on and dried off on the way home, shirtless in the wind. But my foot missed the bike pedal and I crashed to the ground, trapped underneath the rear wheel (awaaah, awaaaah) skinning my elbow and hip a bit.
My first swimming session as Dark Blue Hat was knackering and I deserved Bath Fizzer night as I keep missing them at weekends. At suppertime I declared to Jof that the next Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I wish to see is (my description) the one where he is an army leader in the jungle and the monster comes and kills them and hangs them upside down in the trees naked. From this out-of-the-mouths-of-babes, can you identify the film? Mmm.

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