Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Not a Poet, just a Drunk with a Pen

haviture way have it your way Vallejo, CA 94589 Today I have officially entered the Bupa Mini Great South Run (1.5 km) on the day before the real Great South Run, so I can get my medal and T-shirt a day before Bud! I can't yet judge distances accurately, I could be running for as much as 4 minutes, right?
Pops gave me and my guitar a lift in to work today, not that it was planned or anything.
20mm round 37mm apache helicopter .50cal .45 pistol round 4.75mm machine gun ammunitionAt lunchtime my favoured activity is 'Stacking Cups'. I'm not tall enough for basketball, I play enough Bulldog anyway and Art Class does not excite me. So I make things out of plastic cups against the clock, weigh them, spin them and that seems to keep me going. The Stacking Cups Teacher is one I feel deserves an end-of-term present.
On the way home from gymnastics, I was confronted (and affronted) by yet another simple activity I cannot do through lack of years. I got out of the car to help at the petrol station but there are big signs saying 16 years and over to operate a pump. How difficult can it be?
Apropos of nothing, here are the bullets we bought at the D-Day festival. One is hilariously dinky. We have some more inert ammunition lined up to collect at the weekend from a chap in Avebury. I wonder what else we can find to do in the area?

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