Sunday, 15 June 2014

Success Detected

Very slow start to the day given that I was in bed for around midnight.
Once we'd bleared to a sufficiently alert level, we hit Giant Tesco because Jof wanted to do the special offer for her new phone. I got to do Lego Porn which is standing in front of the Lego section salivating. We'd finished the shopping, packed the car, gone over the road to Sports Direct to buy a bodyboard (so I can join in with Ben and the JBs) and got back, and still Jof was shopping.
At home, 'Brasso' made our collection of artillery shells much shinier and then we nipped to the nudist beach.
fisher F4 metal detector on shingle beach with world war 2 anti-amphibious tank defence blocks
There were only a couple of hardy nudists as it wasn't sunny, but we were there for a different reason this time. Yet another of my latest obsessions is metal detecting. A couple of weeks ago I borrowed one by asking nicely and found a bullet and some scrap iron: today we road-tested our new device which is the Fisher F4, with pointy trowel and rather good metal spade.
Taking it in turn to detect and dig, in no time we had unearthed (un-shingled) a 1901 Victorian Penny, a 1912 George V halfpenny, and a .303 tracer cartridge dated 1927. And 15 bits of worthless junk ie nails, nuts and bolts, random bits of scrap iron etc which we whizzed over the fence into the derelict listening station compound by Fort Cumberland.
It wasn't too long before I got bored because I am an 8 year old boy but I rate it a success. Finding gold jewellery and medieval reliquaries is all very nice, but we specifically wanted coins and bullets and that's what we got.

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  1. Hope you have found some stuff bye now. I'm often on that beach and have found all sorts of things including an unexploded anti aircraft shell.


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