Friday, 13 June 2014

Inquest Day: the Body in the Glacier

car follows boat trailer into water funnyReally didn't bother to get going today and why should I, these teacher-training days are great for me. But I didn't fancy my favourite cereal (ricicles) so attracted ire and was banned from playing Minecraft.
By noonish we considered leaving the house and pootled down to the bike shop to look for a new bike for me. We ordered one and bought 2 extra-thick bike locks in hope.
fishtail colourful bracelets crochet hook On Elm Grove we found a cafĂ© that was less greasy than the other one on offer and I considered a jacket spud: I actually ordered full-on bacon/soss/egg/slice, it's just that my breakfasts are not always at breakfast time.
lego ice crystal lifter truck ice pick and researcherI didn't mind pottering around the shops because I was able to extract a new box of Lego and a Rainbow Loom Creation Kit (the one Bud specifically said I wasn't to have yesterday) out of Jof.
This colourful yet complex peg-and-rubber-band kit looks like you're doing advanced biochemistry research with its array of ampoules but really I think it may turn out a new generation of circuit-board wirers.
Jof had to help me a lot, especially when she told me to get off it and I wouldn't stop interfering. During swimming, Bud discovered what has replaced the good old zombies in the Lego-a-like series: footballers. I got Wayne Rodney and Lewis Swarez! They perfectly complement my new Lego Forensic Ice Core Sampler.
It comes with Antarctica all-weather tracked vehicle, satellite phone, Lake Vostok bio-researcher with ice pick and Superman crystal! No Husky though, wrong end of the globe. Can't have everything. Doesn't matter if it's Friday the 13th, sooner or later I'll get the Lego Arctic Glacier Climate Change Eco-Evangelist Apocalypso-Castle with added rosary discriminator.
Then I watched the 2nd half of the Spain - Netherlands group match.
The competition came alive for me as approx. 30 of the players I know from my Match Attax! cards were out there on the southern American field of decision: Jof is the primary knowledge base and so we cheered Holland to their win. I really didn't want to go to bed.

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