Monday, 23 June 2014

Shawarmas, Kolaches and Kopi luwak

badly designed middle eastern pavement holes for trees funny failDidn't want to get up this morning but that's Mondays for you.
The builders have put the drainpipe back on.

lego castle on top of mountain with train tunnelIn return for delivering and collecting some new work uniform in a smaller size, Jof has got me my new Lego Arctic Expedition which means that the Alpine redoubt can go. This sheer mountain has a railway tunnel with granite piers and is topped with a fortress that Adolf would be proud of.
On the way to Scouts I played in the park and got Bud in the head with a large marshmallow that I found under the slide. Cubs was mostly games today apart from the bit about not having a poo in the river. I won dodge-ball and we played Rounders and Elevens and I'm sure there's a point to all this fun.

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