Monday, 2 June 2014

Thing a Thong of Thixpence

vegans gluten-free mercury levels food concerns at the sermon on the mount funny cartoonA harsh return to the brutal early mornings of reality.
Ben was all fussy at school and said he wasn't coming back to Scouts or to school any more because it was a waste of money, so I didn't even have pre-Scouts Lego-ing to look forward to.
reading gas and electricity meters by LED torchlightSo instead I went into the loft and found my summer clothes, then I read the gas and electricity meters, someone has to.
The Gas cupboard under the stairs is the one place you can still get down under the floorboards, many happy memories of this time last year when we only had flooring in some of our rooms.
But Ben did turn up in Scout uniform and we did spend many happy minutes making Lego Star Wars CloneBattleDroidRangers and SturmBannTroopers.
My Scout Leader was very happy that I'd created (and remembered to bring) a poster about sterling charity workers 'Oxfam' for my Global badge, although it wouldn't exactly win a Pulitzer. At the end of each session, the Cub Scouts have to recite a little verse, salute and turn to the right. After many weeks of hard work square-bashing on Parade Drill, nearly every one of us turns right, instead of the 50% right and 50% left when we started.

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