Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tightening my Bible Belt

woman giving birth in wrong place funnyToday was one of those average days. Pleasantly warm, I attended my guitar lesson and switched times by taking an empty place from the other time slot so I don't have to go back and forth so much.
richs cider 6% a true medium taste of somerset farmer sitting on haybale waving cider jugErin proudly gets to go home on her own (with Kiera) because she only has to cross one road and that's got a Lollipop Lady on it. Plus she's more sensible than me.
Gym was a normal session and I didn't get a badge or anything.
In ongoing considerations, at the water splashpark last Sunday I was not the thinnest there: but neither was I anything like the Gargantu-Butts of Lard that seem to prevail nowadays. But I no longer get free and unfettered access to the chocolate box after supper, I get an allowance (fit for a queen) which is grossly unfair.
In honour of an average day, I hereby display for posterity the Jug'O'Scrumpy cider that we bought at Wookey Hole last week, for it looks like it'd make anyone happy.

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