Sunday, 8 June 2014

We shall fight them on the Beaches

sandcastle building on southsea beach by eastney swimming bathsAnother great day so I chose to go to the beach and dig it up.
I chose the same location as the Puddlers used to dig a hole, not the nudist beach this time. We loaded up the bikes, and aren't we all glad that Jof's bike has a really big pannier on the front, enough to carry the bucket and associated equipment.
southsea beach in the summerThe beach was quite busy. I cannot personally afford to buy a castle at the moment so elected to build my own, or at least have it built for me while I issued orders. Bud and I went in the sea and then on a lengthy trek to the nudist beach to see what we could see in terms of wood, and it was 3 bits of wood and a dozen cuttlefish which we used to make a drawbridge and decorate the moat.
Then we played throw-the-ball in the sea but we always end up having a seaweed fight. Even Jof joined in but she Does Not Do Seaweed.
When we got home we were very salty and sandy so I battled with the condemned downstairs shower and watched a film until the JBs invited me round for a random BBQ. It was very army-based, they have a new den with camouflage netting and lots of guns, shame I forgot to take any of mine. We told off the adults for using rude words.

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