Thursday, 19 June 2014

Suffering Fools Madly

whoever stole our ac units keep one it's hot where you're going
Thursdays are my day off, a chance to vegetate and recuperate and do all those other things ending in -ate. Well, some of them.
So immediately we left on a multi-drop delivery to the laundrette and the charity shop, just a couple of things said Jof, just you try navigating the mean streets of Pompington just as the schools kick out.
bathstore fratton way portsmouthOur next job was to buy a shower. You may very well think that we had done that already: but the builders said (and this is what they're paid for) "Nah, mate, you've got all the wrong bits and you haven't got a shower head and you need a riser or we're going to have to dig up your floor to install the waste pipes".
So at the bathroom shop I pretended to have a poo and ask for toilet roll while they admitted that yes, they'd sold us the wrong bits and not enough of them. We paid more.
portsmouth cycle exchange victoria road north portsmouthThen by jiminy we cycled to the cycle shop to buy a cycle, because that is the best place to get them. They offered me a pony for my old bike, but I said where am I going to keep it plus we haven't even got a lawn until he said that is modern Cockney-speak for £25. So I got £25 off the new one and cycled home inexpertly but what do you expect with suddenly larger wheels.
I may not have the sheer leg power of a Ben or an Erin but I should be able to keep up now.
To round off a boring day we hit the park for some keepy-uppy with my foam ball but because we're a bit crap, it was keepy-crappy. Funnily enough, I talked all the way through the first half of the England-Uruguay match before I was dismissed for lip and I saw even more keepy-crappy there.

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