Sunday, 22 June 2014

Doing the Southsea Shuffle

southsea beach safety buoys Up early so I could use the Minecraft tablet quietly and make this look like I was doing them a favour. Nothing wrong with being devious.
I really didn't want to go supermarket shopping because I've looked at all the Lego and it's all old stuff.
But amazingly there were some new kits and I presented Jof with the expensive one, the cheap one and a pleading face, knowing that she'd be railroaded into it and go for the cheap one. Nothing wrong with being devious.
southsea beach for familiesA quorum decision was made to hit the beach but by car, not bike after my little ride yesterday. Choosing the place us Puddlers like, I selected some bikinis to sit next to and hobbled off across the shingle with my bodyboard in what I can only describe as the Southsea Shuffle. Everyone does it: arms outstretched, you gingerly pick your way down the slope waving your arms to try and escape gravity.
We all went swimming and I finally made it to the buoy against an annoying sideways tidal current. Later, we dug a hole, as you do. We have a metal spade for digging up metal-detecting finds and the hole got to an adult's arm's length but it was bell-shaped inside so I could squat and disappear.
Even later I wrote out my homework about South Korea and watched them getting stuffed by Algeria. This caused me so much angst I went to bed at half-time with heatstroke and exhaustion.

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