Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blasticles Testicles (and Breasticles)

locally owned and operated country store redneck signpost funny failYou may now find you're in the office sweepstake for the World Cup. Bud got ever-hopeful BOSNIA, Dear Follower Fiona got islamic heavyweight IRAN, and I got unknown newcomer ENGLAND. Thus, I immediately swapped with a work colleague so I could get my current favourite SOUTH KOREA.
southsea shingle beach at low tideBut as soon as school was over I hurriedly snacked in preparation for Wednesday park at its new venue, the beach.
We've done Wednesday beach before so I took 4 of the giant water guns that Jof got cheap some years ago in preparation for a WetPuddleParty: the beach seemed the ideal opportunity.
It's amazing what you can get in a rucksack and the pannier on Jof's bike.
bodyboards and wetsuits for swimming in the sea off southsea beachBen and the JBs brought body-boards which are extra-wide surfboards with the attached rope and we all went in the sea and shot each other in the genitals with our guns and I also got Bensmum higher up. We invented a game in which a dragger drags the sitter on the bodyboards down the shingly slope of the beach but at one point Bob wanted his turn early and got angry.
Plus the whole group including mummies went swimming together en masse.
There were snacks and repeated drying and wetting sessions and we eventually left at 7pm after a mere 3 hours of low-tide action. I can't wait to get a new bike, which I am assuming will ride itself to save me the effort of pedalling up the cruel mountains and endless expanses of downtown Pompey.

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