Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Surfin' GB: Happy as a Shingleboy

abandoning child at orphanage not your fault funny cartoonToday our class had to make up a silly story by collaboration. So the pet shark did an enormous fluff (fart) which filled the house with the stench of rotting seaweed and then the cat did a huge vomit made of fish.
The shark developed an orange Mohican which descended from the planet Bong which is possibly what we were smoking to come up with such claptrap.
The Inspection Of The Builders was done from up a ladder today and they have replaced the roof.
trying to get a video on you've been framed
But the main attraction was Beach Wednesday. The new No Fear SlickBoard is a bit big for the bikes so we drove to the coast and joined the boys, we all had body-boards and all different ones too, so we could swap.
no fear slickboard sports direct on southsea shingle beachIt wasn't as warm as last week but we're hardened criminals that play footy in the park come rain or ice all year round, some of us in shorts.
We weren't going to be frightened off. We all bodyboarded together and then Bud went metal-detecting and we dug holes and went back in the sea.
We like the idea of getting on 'You've been Framed' and winning money so set up another 'Boy falls down Hole' sight gag and slid down the shingle beach on our boards. Fun had: lots. Metal objects found: 3 bottletops and a bit of shrapnel.

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