Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Wild and Crazy or Mild and Lazy

drinks boiling water scalds throat funny fail darwin awardsAt school we are learning to sing songs from Disney's 'Frozen', it's torture by twinkles.
As soon as I got home I stalked into the garden to interview the builders and monitor their progress.
The back yard is full of binbags and detritus and the house is full of sinks and toilets and stuff in big cardboard boxes.
The old shower room is now completely empty so everyone has to use the upstairs toilet. The roof has been removed so the traffic noise is louder.
shower room extension with roof replacedIn Gymnastics I finally managed to perform the handstand against the wall and the backwards roll so I've won Badge 3! They also ticked off a couple of the easier parts of Badge 2 but there's a long way to go.
I watched some of the Mexico - Brazil match, a lively affair, shame nobody scored.

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