Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bureaucracy, to be Fayre

man in monster suit scaring small childAnother boiling day with an added school fayre to throw into the cooking pot.
We could see the teachers and older kids getting ready and at the end of classes, we all streamed out and straight away hit a snag when all Mr Helpful had brought was a £20 note.
summer fair meon school milton portsmouthWe had to wait ages until the cake stall had developed enough float to change a £20 and then I ran out into the world and assessed.
I played the throwing-the-rings onto the tower of tin cans. The most difficult bit was getting to the front of the queue. I paid my money, destroyed the tower and collected my sweetie. I dropped a 10p into the fishtank but didn't hit the 50p so didn't win it.
summer fayre meon junior school milton portsmouthThen I turned over the 3 bottletops and won a sweet. Then I did some archery (I was rubbish) and won a sweet.
I really wanted one of those things that makes bracelets out of little rubber bands but they were all gone so I did the treasure hunt, no sweet.
Overall the fayre at this school is all about 'Pay 30p, play a game, win a sweet', rather than the full-on tombola, throw a sponge at the teacher, penalties and bouncy castle of the last place.
We left early to try yet again to invest some money for my future: I already have 3 accounts at the special bank with an X in so it was somewhat frustrating when they wanted to see my passport again in case I'd recently become an islamic militant money-laundering slave trader. I pulled some more coins out of the fountain in the high street to spite them.
There was nobody in the park to play with apart from the 4 schoolfriends who wanted me to play chasing and football so I got in a big sulk and didn't get any chocolate.
meon junior school playground summer fayre portsmouth

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