Monday, 9 June 2014

Free to a Good Home

why don't you guys hang out until the police arrive batman fail funny cartoonI think I shall go to 'T-Shirt Print' or similar and get a shirt made up with "Free to a good home" on the front, maybe I'll get picked up by a richer family. Pops picked me up this morning, food for thought there.
Anyway, at school I got my Scooter Frenzy Certificate from 'My Journey' and also a bell, it's just like a bike bell so I might put it on my bike so I can trrring in stereo. 'My Journey' is a council/government thing trying to get people to cycle to work to get fit and un-jam the roads. I would cycle to work, but there are just too many roads for an 8 year-old.
my journey portsmouth city council and department of transportBut the funniest thing is a hi-vis reflective wristband (or anklet, if you are that way inclined) which you can straighten out and then snap onto your arm. Or leg.
Ben was not able to join me tonight so I played Star Wars Lego in his honour.

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