Friday, 3 June 2016

You ain't Nothin' but a Hound Pup

freshly oiled desk bureau marquetryBit of a let-down for the close-of-play of the whatever-holiday-this-one-is. I was sent to the YMCA - and not on swimming day - I'm sure we could have found a new castle to explore in Scotland or Italy or somewhere.
Anyway, I cycled in and of the 29 attending, 19 did the day-trip to Portchester Castle on the train but I've done that one a few times now so passed. Then another great tranche went to the film afternoon and I didn't, that left just me on Lego Tower-building, so I built strands of DNA. Plus when the filmers got back we had 4 rounds of sleeping lions and I won them all, one took 20 minutes to win.
Then we did dens and we were intelligent animals and I was a hound and my daughter was naughty and I kept having to stop her jumping in volcanoes or associating with the Hyenas which were below us. It is tough being just a hound pup.
At home I Minecrafted (of course) and he put teak oil on his grand-father's writing bureau, meanwhile I made a whole barn in Minecraft, one of us was just wasting our time.

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