Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hitler: "They lose me after the Bunker scene"

itlaia dcloe & gababna dsigner shirt failToday we posed for our class photos, whether we wanted to or not. I thought I'd have it easy for the rest of the day. But no, at the last minute, honest, Guv, the teacher said we had to have our material for the stop-motion photography project ready by TOMORROW.
So I asked if I could have Ben round this evening and of course that was a no, WHY can't everything I want happen by magic instantly and all my regular appointments pushed back by a day? I'm sure the Prime Minister wouldn't mind declaring it Monday II, the world could adapt, right?
So I waived my right to Minecraft and set to work. I have been designated Lego Provider as I show off about how much I have. So when Jof got back we all went into my room and started emptying the boxes and assembling the scene.
Our uplifting stop-motion story is about Legolas Cheese, a soldier. He gets his legs blown off by a land mine during a Black Hawk Down incident and goes on to win Olympic gold at swimming against his rivals Ronald McDonald, who is a tall clown with a big afro, and Conner Chapman who is in a film that Ben has seen.
school project bunker scene land mine explosion
So the others are doing the swimming pool scene props, I was tasked with creating the wartime diorama in which our eponymous hero Legolas takes on an anti-personnel mine and loses, becoming Legless Legolas. So straight away I went for the Millennium Falcon and a public toilet from the Lego road-builders range and a large battleship with no deck, and Krusty the Clown.
I was persuaded to keep my eyes on the prize and in meedle of no time we had a decent military engagement with bunker, horse, downed helicopter, barbed wire, and right in the middle, Legolas stepping on some dynamite which we will be able to stop-motion into a series of gouts of flame.
Then I went swimming and ate pasta and played Minecraft, all the usual stuff. But I did have to tidy my room.

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