Sunday, 26 June 2016

Puddle of Mudd and the Monsters of Sleep games on tabletToday I woke up at 10am having scored a full 12 hours of shut-eye. This is significantly better than yesterday when I only got 4, and some Beavers fell asleep in front of the campfire.
Well, we burnt 3/4 of all the wood provided by our excellent Quartermaster and even sang a camp-fire song about it. A lot of the day was spent de-tenting or un-camping or whatever it's called when you break camp and pack everything away again.
meonwood campsiteIt was very muddy and when Jof came to pick me up (and Flynn) I had a 3rd eyebrow made of mud and Flynn had a mud-tache.
But we needed our tech fix so sat on my bed for a couple of hours playing until his mum came to retrieve him. We are all very tired and muddy and there will be laundry, mark my words, and I had a bath then a shower and will sleep well tonight. It was a good Scout camp.

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