Wednesday, 22 June 2016


australian made up names birth certificateToday we did animation ALL day. This means we have to have double-double maths tomorrow, but as kids, we are willing to procrastinate stuff like maths on the assumption that tomorrow won't happen (like in Groundhog Day) or the teachers will conveniently forget about it.
This animation is our stop-motion film project, as described yesterday. I am in the best team and we've finished most of our stuff. Today we prepared the backgrounds which in our case, means a post-war scene of military devastation not unlike the desolation of Smaug, a swimming pool with 3 lanes of disturbed water (and 4 disturbed children) and a crowd scene, which is just numerous iterations of the same picture.
wood glass display case We also built the Lego theatre of war, and as the others forgot their Lego, I have to bring in 3 plausible swimmers, their winners' podium and some extra fire tomorrow.

tyres making park climbing frame
On the way home, we saw an object outside a nearby house with a hand-written note saying 'Please Take'. Now, as conscientious pillars of the local community, we feel it is our duty to clean the streets and also to take away a glass display cabinet that we actually really need for one of our upcoming art projects. It needs a little bit of cleaning and repair, but other than that, it's an octagonal curio, and just what we wanted, at no cost. Bit of a challenge to carry it home, but what do I have a father for.
We did Park Wednesday and took a newer, smaller giant-tennis-ball along for ball-tag. The idea was, it should be easier to throw, and Owen the Destroyer certainly proved it was fit for purpose!

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