Monday, 20 June 2016

If I can't have it ...

beans engrish product name fail funnyFirst important thing I did today was make a Mini-gun out of my Nerf gun. Well, it doesn't have the rotating drum of barrels, but it's close enough.
In school I had an argument with Child S about ownership of my Mega E-X AmitriptylenePolyphosphate Pokémon card. He said it was his when absolutely everyone ie me knew it was mine. In the end we had to tear it up and bin it to settle the territorial dispute. You can see Malaysia having to bomb the Spratly Islands just to stop China pretending they own them.
I had the chance to go and buy school shorts today to increase my comfort levels for the remaining school year. But that would have meant actually going somewhere so I refused.
I declared myself uninterested in the England footy match but given the hot pasta meal accompaniment, I grudgingly sat through some of it, but I was right the first time.

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