Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Live Free or Die

destroying a fire protection doorengrish t shirt failToday is my first full day of freedom at the Fact-finding Fun Farm where I hope to see some badgers and get some sleep tonight. Trained in sleeping through noise from Day 1 of my life, I should be OK. But By definition I can only effectively fill in todays' entry upon my return.
While I am away, life goes on back at the ranch, including the washing-of-the-duvet task, and the preparing for the Scout Campfire task. There was a spare door in one of those passageways where you put out the bins. Not particularly unusual, but a good thing to swipe for the fire. Question. Why was the door so heavy? Answer. Because it's a fire door with 2 layers of plasterboard built into it. Therefore, not much good for the fire. Problem: if you try to put it back in the passageway, Policepersons will no doubt see you and bust you for fly-tipping, so you have to destroy it, box up the decent wood for the fire, and take the broken plasterboard to the tip. Jolly good.
stubbington study centre mouse huntNot too much sleep last night. We have dormitory inspections and we lost points because some of us (not me) were up at 0130 playing football in the dorm. In fact, because my table at chow-down (the cafeteria is called the Snuffle-Hole because of the way badgers catch and eat worms) was so loud we got called up last for our food.
We had set traps for small woodland creatures and some caught those giant orange slugs but we got a wild (actually quite livid) mouse. There is a video of him being released but it's mostly of people's coats.
We visited the beach and made sandcastles and some of us found fossils. Harreeee found a sharks' tooth and Ben offered him £8 for it but Harreeee said no way.

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