Friday, 10 June 2016

Shoots and Leaves: Very Suspicious

Hooray for the last day of school! Well, until the next day. We were all very excited about going on the residential school trip thingy next week and came home full of last-minute additions such as take Wellington boots and stamped addressed postcards and all the other things that were on the parents' order form but we'd not read it. 
school playground chalk outline boyIn the corner of the playground are 2 chalk outlines left over from a recent suspicious shooting, I suppose, so I occupied one of them for a photo. Looking at it, I suspect that Hagrid himself has been assassinated, a tragedy for the world at large, hoho.
I had an online appointment with several schoolchums (chopped-up children thrown off the back of shark boats to attract prey) at 530 for some serious Klash-Of-Klansing, or was it ethnic Klansing. So I was MOST dischuffed to hear that we had a massive multi-drop shopping-related excursion to perform before I could settle down on the sofa.
baggie of weed ganja marijuanaFirst: the shoeshop. Fortunately I was the only customer so I enthralled the shoe-girlie and selected my own footwear while he went to Giant Tesco. Us chaps really are very efficient shoppers when on a deadline. Next, sunglasses. Boots have many but they start at £28 so he said not on your nelly, mate and we drove south.
Yesterday, buying milk, I found a suspicious bag of aromatic leaves on the floor of the Co-op. It must be oregano. So why would some herb-loving housewife take oregano shopping with her? Very suspicious. So we delivered it to an old friend who likes that kind of thing (waste not want not) and then drove to the Scout lock-up garage to deposit 2 'King Khazi' camping toilets, as you do.
And I got back home half an hour before my Klans appointment. Win! Because I'd seen Arnie storming the cop station in T1 in the afternoon, I chose Predator for the evening film, lots more shooting there.

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