Wednesday, 29 June 2016

2nd Base: Bodice or Bust

engrish funny sign fail urineWell we got lots of time at school to continue our stop-motion photography project, enough so that I was able to bring home my Lego swimmers and armies.
As the weather did not qualify for Wednesday park, I walked home in the rain and spent a while making 2 Lego Star Wars spaceships: a tie fighter, and an X-wing/tie bomber crossover hybrid chimera thingy.
I have a weakness. Not for chocolate this time, but for screentime. I sit down instantly and use up my entire hour straight away after school, because the world might end or something and I'd still have credit time, which is anathema to me. But he said, let's watch a film now, you'll have bags of time later.
lego spaceships
So we saw 'Cowboys and Aliens'. This action thriller has Han Solo as an ageing cattle owner with a drunken idiot son, James Bond plays the hard-bitten outlaw with amnesia and an alien shooting device on his wrist, the Kurgan from Highlander is the priest and they battle gold-seeking aliens and lots of people get shot. Once we'd picked up Jof and her bike from work, and she'd told us she didn't like the film because it was too dark and everyone mumbles, we finished the film and the bad aliens die as does the pleasantly shaped other alien with the sculpted eyebrows and penchant for losing her tight-fitting clothes, who sacrifices herself to detonate the wristband in the core of the escaping spaceship.

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