Monday, 6 June 2016

Puberty is Postponed!

jk engrish chinese product lost in translationA busy first day back at school and the teachers had to re-organize our syllabus for the final term of the year taking into account the residential course that so many of us will attend. Fitting in the vast amount of coursework will not be possible so puberty (a 1-month topic) will have to be postponed until Year 6.
We may have to take the special medicines to delay the onset of puberty like those bouncy Russian gymnasts who won all those medals and associated lifelong health issues. One of our number is a giggler and we all agree that when we do puberty, he will spend all day giggling at the pictures in the text books and all night lying awake thinking about it. Then again, I had a fit of the giggles when I stumbled across a stop-motion video of 2 clay figures having some right royal rumpage, while researching topic work, honest Guv.
We're doing stop-motion clips of Olympic themes and I have been voted cameraman of my group as I have so much experience of photography.
Klash of Klans has made an epic comeback with new army types and a new facility to fight amongst yourselves with less damaging battles. My mates and I are all going to go back on as many accounts as we can and start cooking up new armies. With names like Gandalf ThunderBreath, DragonsTeeth McSlicer, Sir Stabalot and FireBlasting ButtBomb, you can be sure that every player is in fact a 9 year-old kid pretending to be an adult for signup purposes, no real adult would ever play it.
industrial clingfilm inner tubesThen Bud brought in a big box of goodies for the kids not lucky enough to be going on the residential course. With foam sheets, cardboard tubes and random electrical components from the recycling bins, you can be sure they'll have a better time than us, not!
Then I had to go to Giant Tesco before Scouts because I have a sock crisis, with only 2 socks left in the drawer, of different designs. You may think it unlikely that a boy could need emergency socks but there you go.
In Scouts I was made White Sixer and Flynn was made Blue Sixer, my first taste of management.

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