Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sent to Alcatraz

boys playing dungeons in parkfreeway advertising hoarding failWhen I said I wanted short trousers for school, Jof said well there's only 2 weeks left, not getting them now because they'll be too small for next year. I'm now regretting this decision as I sweltered through another day.
We did double ICT and Ben was off sick today and Owen the Destroyer said it's just so he can miss double French which is an unwarranted slur on his character, a baseless accusation of hearsay and supposition.
resin climbing rock in parkSo after school we said it's just got to be Beach Wednesday because of all the sun and warmth so we texted but we were too late as nobody had got their stuff ready and why can't we plan more accurately in this day and age of 100% correct weather forecasting.
Thus we went to the park as usual and that's where we found the gang. LittleMax locked me in the rock dungeon and I did those IIII markings on the wall so we called it Alcatraz after the film 'The Rock' with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery. I like both of these guys from their roles in Con Air and Highlander and Raiders 3 and I haven't seen Face/Off yet because it's complicated.
So our group ran out of our 2 litres of juice after a while because it was hot but we all scored heavily on the Vitamin D front and perhaps I'll grow a bit.

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