Friday, 24 June 2016


So today apparently I had the one most groove-acious day ever. This is because of double-booking scheduling issues which meant that instead of doing actual real schoolwork, we built and played Lego all day.
I salvaged some grey blocks from a previous Lego project about pyramids and ditched the helicopter and we all spent hours of your tax-payer dollars amassing Lego battlefields. My Lego tank is awesome with rocket launchers and stuff.
wimborne junior school summer fairThen I showered and he loaded the car with wood for the Scout camp bonfire and we attended the summer fair of the school I would have gone to if the OFSTED reports were better, it's the old story, boy meets girl, girl goes to wrong school, boy becomes mutant droid, girl leaves cosmos, how often have we heard that story.
Here is Flynn and Katelyn doing a Shoop-Shoop dance in the playground with their dance troupe. They were pretty good, may be a little like Bens' street dance thing. Katelyns' mum is French so she is packing her suitcase to go home now we've voted to cast off from Europe.
wimborne junior school summer fairSo I had a go on the coconut shy and I killed 2 coconuts because I am a professional and he said well done, nobody's done that before but I had to select 2 prizes from the bag rather than actually get my coconuts. I got a bag of sweeties and 3 pencils with novelty rubber tips, all part of my training for future life.
meonwood scout campsite campfireI met many familiar faces at the event and we came home and Flynn arrived and we all bundled into the car with the overloading of wood and got to the campsite playing caterpillar on the tablets and we had to carry our own stuff and the wood to the campsite and the weather was actually good this time and we found many mushrooms and that's primarily how I currently feel, mushroomed.
The enormous pile of wooden boxes behind the campfire is all from us, including the shed door. Always have a shed door. It also makes a decent defensive structure for me to hide behind when shooting my 6-barrelled bazookoid, although we kicked it to bits later and burnt it.
Look. You can't blame me for Brexit. I'm 10.

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