Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Vin Diesel Grand Cru

cowboy builder fail funnyHot day at school with more work on the stop-motion video project, exploring camera angles, writing the storyboard, all that good stuff.
tipner lake towards Portchester Castle and M275Swimming is up at the big pool this week so Jof came with us and I didn't see Sydney but my temporary teacher is the one that used to be my teacher at Talent Lane, so he knew I could swim underwater.
I didn't notice it was him for a while as he is another tall bearded chap. All the teachers there seem to be. Outside there was a terrible smell of petrol, perhaps there had been a big marine diesel spillage from the wharf or something, the low low tide in hot hot weather certainly didn't help, what with our aromatic mudflats.
These suspicious green packages are vacuum-packed Chinese green tea leaves. Or so we think. They were kindly donated by Obscure Cousin Margaret last week and she says she was given them but doesn't like them as they smell of cabbages.
unknown chinese leaf product traditional medicineI am not an avid cabbage-eater (although my bottie-gas production levels say otherwise) but in the spirit of scientific enquiry we shall try them.
Our resident Chinese-speaker could not decipher the characters, logograms or glyphs so we don't really know whether they are 1) Chinese Green Tea 2) Chinese Green Tea with added leaves of other selected ethnobotanical phytomedicinal species for unknown purposes, or 3) a herbal infusion (leading to herbal confusion) of entirely different leaves with excitingly undiscovered side effects. Their traditional medicine is a bit dodgy in places, it could contain rhino horn or seahorses, but we shall bravely throw caution to the wind anyway, and keep some sort of diary about the hideous journey it sends us on ...

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