Sunday, 12 June 2016

Float like a Wombat

boy in rolled up pyjamasSunday, and the last day before I leave home forever (well, for a week at a residential study centre) so I made the absolute most of it by refusing to wear clothes. Eventually she made me dress so I put on pyjamas in defiance.
And I basically sat, lay, loitered and lazed with my tablet in hand watching youtube videos of people playing Minecraft, all day. While I was doing this, the sun came out, the Queen turned 90, several street parties were held in closed-off roads throughout the town, there was a rally of antique buses on the seafront, shopping happened, etc etc. At one point I agreed to go swimming but it is one thing to agree to something to shut Jof up, another thing to actually get up off my arse and do it.
But we did finish the packing for my excursion to the Learning Facility and I had a practise drag around the house.
So I had a nice last day on the planet and watched the Germany match and jabbered rubbish the whole way through like I did with the England match so nobody else could hear it.

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