Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pearl Izumi and the Special Leaves

justin bieber newspaper headline fail funnyIt was a day of ups and downs. No, not trampolining again. We had our second PPA lesson this week because we'll be away next week.
In PE (part of PPA but not ISP or PPI) we played cricket with a baseball bat and my shot went high into the air and hit the triple-basket basketball basket over the other side of the playground and went through the middle basket, for which I scored an extra 10 runs for kudos and groovitude. Then in baseball I hit the ball but the opposition were too busy talking amongst themselves and then arguing about who should retrieve it, so I scored enough runs to win.
camellia sinensis dried leaf teaJof had left me a big pile of new clothes to try on. Being a woman, she has the special Shopping-Protector in that if something doesn't fit, they take it back. She's taken loads of stuff back after she's worn them for a few months, and when I discovered that the yellow swimming shorts were too small, she could get her money back! Do I get the money?
On the way to swimming I was beating Bud up and he'd hardly said stop it like, 8 times, when he hit me back and I didn't like it. So we have made a deal that either I don't complain and learn to stop hitting, or lose the entire next day of screentime and learn to stop hitting. We had a trainee swimming teacher today, you could tell, he didn't have a beard.
traditional chinese leaf tea The city centre was coned off with traffic managers and cone-dispensing vans and orange fences. This was because of Pearl Izumi who turns out to be a spectacular action-packed elite professional cycle racing event series, not a cute Japanese singing sensation, with those 2 sideways pigtails, mmm. It jammed the motorway a bit.
In other news, today we opened one of Obscure Cousin Margaret's Chinese tea sachets of unknown origin and contents. The tea was unlike our traditional chopped and dried teabags, it was rolled-up lumplets which unfurled like flags in a breeze when put into boiling water.
I think it's really actually just Camellia sinensis au naturel, aromatic but harmless.

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