Friday, 17 June 2016

The Lost Scrolls

Riser Bell 0800, for the last time.
skittles win funny
Today we played Stubbington Foxes which is a search-and-evade game where you are dropped behind enemy lines and have to gather intel on possible landing sites while avoiding capture by enemy agents. In this case you have to find up to 20 orange counters stuck to trees etc and mark them down on your checklist. You are chased by enemy teachers with those blarty compressed-air horns. If one of these horny teachers spies you, they give a melodious tootle and you have to go over and get your face stamped twice (in case one rubs off) and a stamp on your checklist too. You get a point for each orange counter and minus a point for every time an enemy stamps on your face.
stubbington foxes game ink stampsMy partner and I kept hiding in bushes because we didn't want to get spotted but every time we poked our heads out, we were tootled most vigorously and we ended up on minus 2 points. The range of scores was from plus 17 points all the way down to minus 3 so we may not have been the best. The pirate flag motif kinda loiters on yer face ...
Once we were all on the coach to go home, the staff lined up with trays of ducklings to say goodbye and we got back to school early. I was in 2 minds about this because I really missed my parents but I also really missed Stubbington and wanted to go back. But this is a one-time offer and I'm glad I did it. At pickup time I got all emotional and we all stood about like desperadoes waiting for a train. It also took me 2 hours to notice that Bud had grown a beard.
When I got home, I looked for the sheets of hand-written notes I'd taken to make this report, and discovered that I'd lost them. I was quite annoyed. But at least I got a few pictures. Jof phoned to make sure I wasn't dead, and I went straight back onto the Minecraft tablet and ate and ate and ate. When Jof got home I knew she was going to drivel all over me so I ran away. Bed 2300, I was as tired as the rest of them.

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