Friday, 26 July 2013

The Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyng Tywyr of Pysyr

Friday. We had planned to go to Gosport (for we like to err on the wrong side of civilisation every now and then) but Jof had kindly ordered some stuff on Amazon and we had to wait in for the postman.
Orders outstanding: Dressing Table: 1. Dressing table stool: 1. Mirror, 1. Bedside cabinet, 1. Curtains, 2. All this lot were duly advertised as arriving in possibly more than one package in possibly more than one delivery from possibly more than one distribution facilitator, so we were totally trunkled for our planned day out. Jof fielded the first one, then went to work.
I got the next 2 and signed for them using my usual signature, he was in the shower and had delegated the task, to be honest, as long as I check the number of packages I sign for and check for damage and so forth, who's to know. If I don't look out, I'll end up working where he works, never a good idea.
family activity lego projectEventually we got bored of waiting by the door like a lovelorn teenager and bogged off to Knight and Lee in Southsea: HE (not me) purchased a box of Lego bricks-only selection due to our project of the day. Missed delivery #4 while we were out. Got home, got to work. Separated off all the real actual simple blocks from my rather large collection. This took a while and caused scuffed knees, creaky hips, loose nipples, bent toes and angry ankles. Took collection downstairs and started on Tower the First, which we had to temporarily remove so we could have supper.
In the past I have made towers of all sorts. There's been the one I could get inside and just about look out from. There was the Doofenschmirtz Tower of Evil which was specifically requested by the museum staff for an exhibition (yes), but we'd destroyed it by then. There was the one that touched the ceiling. So we thought, we haven't done one in this house yet, see if the ceilings are higher, lucky we've got that extra box of blocks to help us along a bit. We have only just started this project: Jof helped with her girly design flaws like making a layer of alternate red and white, looks rather good actually. It will be an army camp so while the walls grew taller, I installed self-destruct bombs and anti-aircraft batteries and dynamite safes and munitions bunkers and arrow-windows and things.
Throughout all this, the Youtube playlist gave us Leonard Skinhead, Bled Zepplen, Guns with roses, queen, Deaf leopard, strolling bones, white snake and many cheesy others, until Jof came in and put on some old pants that we didn't know. We have reached level 53 (so much better than Level 42) and have plans to increase this by at least 100% so I can stand within it like a guard's booth.

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