Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mooovin' on up - Pastures new

scatological signage funny failThere was a burglary at my school on Friday night. A man got in and nicked lead off the roof. But our cameras did get him, let's hope the Police do.
Like Phineas and Ferb, I have far too much holiday. Thus I am booked into a week-long adventure camp at the Watersports centre. I'm sure I'll have something good to say about it as soon as I'm told.
Tomorrow, America is planning on going independent. We'll have to see how that turns out, we've planted a number of sleeper agents to help them out if it doesn't work.
meon school milton portsmouthGoodbye Easy Street, he said, the real academic work starts here. We had plenty of time before leaving for school, until she caught me flushing the toilet repeatedly. How was I supposed to know you have to let it fill up? Because of this delay, we had to route march strenuously to try out my new school on time. It's 10 minutes of panting or 15 minutes of ambling, as opposed to the 90 seconds of hopping to my current school. Most of my friends had already gone in so I tailgated another group through passport control. The Edwardian brick building is quite like my current one, but longer.
During the day I met Teachers, classrooms, Puddlers, Beavers and discovered that I will be in the same class as Ben but not Erin and Poppy. I shall be able to play with them at breaktimes anyway.
wood chips break your fallI got to make a brightly coloured frog and also a snake, as you do. The playground is in the middle.
portsmouth schools trampolining badge 4After an hour back at regular school, he picked me up again and we got an Alannah. She is ..... a vigorous youth with a strong personality who is not afraid to reveal her opinions as well as her knickers, which discombobulated her mother somewhat. They toured the house with coffee while we bounced on the bed and she destroyed my helicopter, because girls just don't understand how much time and effort goes into a model.
She announced a trip to the park, so as her mother hadn't left the oven on this time, we climbed and swung and did more parachute landings off the big rocks and got 10 minutes Legotime before Trampolining.
Pops didn't make it but that meant more bounce-time for me and I got Badge #4! Afterwards we got more paintings out of the loft, the house is getting more colourful. Jof says they're all in the wrong place but at least we're trying.

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